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I have watched a LOT of movies in my life… and by a lot, I mean Daddy-dragged-me-to-the-movies-for-four-movies-per-weekend a LOT. So I have a few recommendations when it comes to films. What follows is a list of the films that I LOVE, or at least found interesting. If you have a few that you can recommend, I am always open to seeing new films!

**Note: This is an ongoing list that will be updated as i watch more films…









Love Me If You Dare (French Title:Jeux d’enfants) Released:2003
STARRING:Marion Cotillard, Guillaume Canet
Long before Marion Cotillard became a household name, I watched this film through Netflix and was blown away. A story about childhood friends who grew up together playing games. Their relationship was so lighthearted, their friendship so founded on this game that they never realized that love was right under their noses. The game turns vicious, even cruel at times. and it makes you realize that sometimes, it is the hardest to reveal yourself to the one that ought to know you best. Great soundtrack. Guillaume Canet is so handsome and charming in this, and Marion Cotillard is luminous. This film made such an impression on me that I bought a second disc when I discovered the first one had been scratched. (9/10)








A Moment to Remember(Korean Title:Eraser In My Head)Released:2004
STARRING: Jung Woo Sung, Son Ye Jin
Ahh, the movie that once and for all solidified my obsessionlove for all things Jung Woo Sung. I also have this film to credit for opening up the wonderful world of Kdrama, and consecutively, Tdramas and Doramas for me. The story starts like a romantic comedy, and ends as a tearjerker. And I mean, tearjerker. The ending is lovely, and makes one realize that the feeling of love will always be familiar, even when everything else is forgotten. Son Ye Jin is magnificent in this film. She always manages to portray such funny, spirited women, but also can turn on the vulnerability to the max. Jung Woo Sung is, as usual, fantastic. Let me put it this way, I was in love with him by the end of the film.(9/10)









STARRING:Tony Leung, Faye Wong,Takishi Kaneshiro
One of my all time favorites. Melancholy and witty, the film is distinctly made up of two stories. The first about a lonely man (he eats canned pineapple after the expiration date to make the point that people can’t just discard things when they have expired) who ends up picking up a woman who is a drug smuggler and a murderer. The second, my favorite, is about a cop who is recovering from a break-up and his budding romance with a food vendor. Tony Leung is irresistible in this, but then again, any man who has conversations with a bar of soap, a worn towel, and a stuffed animal, would be… at least to me. Faye Wong is charming as the woman who slowly falls for his character, though she shows it in odd ways (such as going into his home when he is not there to replace the soap and towels). Everytime I hear the Beach Boys’ “California Dreamin” I will always think of this film. (10/10)








Sense and Sensibility: Released:1995
STARRING:Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, Hugh Grant
A story of sisters, with personalities opposite of each other. Emma Thompson as Elinor delivers a perfect performance as a woman who has to hide her emotion behind a stoic facade. Kate Winslet plays Marianne, the sister who lets herself be overwhelmed with passion. This film opened my eyes to Jane Austen’s work, and I have been hooked ever since. Scenic locations, great soundtrack. Makes me curious as to how women made it through 1800’s England. Although I must admit, I always get wardrobe envy when I watch period films. Those gowns are just so flattering to a woman’s body! Superb direction by legendary filmmaker Ang Lee. (9/10)




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