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28 thoughts on “CONTACT ME

  1. luffypyon says:

    Your book “Goodbye, Hello” and its OST has arrived to my place. Gosh, I like them so much. Thank you!!!!! Wish all the best things happen for you

  2. phoenixember says:

    Hello there! Ahhh… currently reading your R88 fanfic and I couldn’t help but tear up. Especially with your dedication. We deserved better. 😦

    So far, so good. This is actually my first time to read a fanfic ever and it sounds (reads) like it’s canon! Your storytelling is compelling and consistent with the original characters at the same time. I can’t wait to finish it today. Thank you for writing this. Thank you for giving a fitting ending to Jung Hwan’s story. 🙂

    • dimsumofallthings says:

      @phoenixember Thank you so much for the kind words… it’s always a challenge to tackle characters who are so well known and loved every time I start a fanfic. Thankfully Deok Sun and Jung Hwan gave me enough to work with that the only thing I had to do was tell the ending in a way that I believe befits their story.

      I’d love to hear from you once you finish it 🙂

      • phoenixember says:

        Done. Whew. Pure bliss. Great job. OTP happy ending equals happy me. Me so giddy, me so “kilig”. I’m out of words. Gaaaaahhhh somebody find me someone like Jung Hwan please! TT^TT

      • phoenixember says:

        Omoooooo. Kabayan! 😀 I read it again, especially the earlier parts. That should have been Episode 19. *sigh* My friends were Team Taek but I was like, “It was Jung Hwan from Episode 1!” I could go all day stating my arguments but then again… *sigh* Anyway, Eo Nam Ryu. Hihihi 😀

      • dimsumofallthings says:

        We all must have been watching a different show from them… never once did I think that it was going to be Taek… if you had read my preface on the E-book you’d see that I had my own vision of how the story arc was going to go. Taek was not a contender for Deok Sun’s heart… never. At least now you know where you have to go if you’re feeling sad about the supposed “canon.”

      • phoenixember says:

        Yeah, I read the preface. And I couldn’t agree more.

        I was like, okay, there were some hints that Taek and Deok Sun are endgame. Yeah, it worked. But you know, I just couldn’t believe the writer when he said that it was Taek from the start. I mean, come on. The way the husband sat, the way he talked and called Duk Seon ugly, the way he blurted out “jugule!?”… that’s Jung Hwan.

        I love Taek with all my heart, and I can accept that he’s the husband. I just can’t accept how they demoted Jung Hwan like, stat! It’s like, they took advantage of Jung Hwan’s selfless nature to make him look like a pushover and a coward who made a joke of his confession as an easy way out. It was a lazy way to tie the loose ends, IMO. (Ok, I’ll shut up now. Hehehe.)

        Aaaaaahhhh thank you so much. Really, from the bottom of my hurting Jungpal-loving heart… THANK YOU. Just by talking to you about it makes it a bit easier.

        Ugh, why do we fall in love with fictional characters in the first place? It’s such a pain most of the time (but then again, Jung Hwan is worth the tears).

        Oh, btw. PS: I loved how you crafted Dong Ryeong in the fanfic. He’s really a wise goofball. “His instinct to protect.” My favorite line. 🙂

      • dimsumofallthings says:

        I liked Taek… and I shipped him with happiness and family and his father lol. Tbh I never paid attention to all the clues since I was disappointed by the writer before (I was Team Chilbong for R94.) I really thought this time I had it figured out. I was wrong, obviously.

        I think my big problem with what was given us is that I thought I saw the journey that Deok Sun and Jung Hwan were on. All the pieces were being put in place, narratively, for a Deok Sun-Jung Hwan endgame.

        Dong Ryeong was so smart and so wise… he always could read things before anyone else, so I wanted to make sure that even in the fic I did him justice.

        Falling in love with fictional characters is dangerous for all our hearts and I don’t even know why I do it either. Lol. But I have made a habit of writing about these people after the original writer has broken my heart so it almost feels like I know them even better.

        I am hoping that the next Reply won’t trap me in its hole again. I have written three stories and I promised myself I was done… although… I did play around in my mind a Reply type project but set in Edsa Era Philippines (so circa 1987?); that is, until even just the brainstorming started making me crazy.

        Thank you so much for loving this as much as I do. All of my stories are like my babies, and it’s always nice when they are enjoyed by people who love the characters I love and want the same ending I do.

      • phoenixember says:

        You should continue with the EDSA Era project. I’m telling you, this is the perfect time to do that. You know, with all the things happening (I hope you’re still in touch with our homeland, no?). I will look forward to it.

        Ahhh I envy you. I miss writing. My everyday consists of adulting and no more writing. During free time, I just binge-watch KDramas, stalk oppas, and read. My mind has been blank for a very long time. But whenever I watch (or re-watch) Reply series, I get the urge to camp in front of the PC and type. To no avail, unfortunately. Writing is a discipline, they say. I’m happy you still get to write. Yay!

        I haven’t seen R94 but is it really that bad? I mean, is it the latter part that bad that Chil Bong has become the standard of unrequited love?

      • dimsumofallthings says:

        Reply 94 traumatized me for sure. And I am not sure if it was that bad… I enjoyed it for half of its run. But again, the trolling with the husband game was rampant, and appeared designed to really make you believe Chilbong was the ending.

        The opposite side’s shippers will insist that the heroine only ever loved her Oppa. Be that as it may, the choice that she made ultimately was stunted imho.

        I have read a little on what’s happening in the Philippines. My whole family is here in the States so I haven’t been home since I emigrated in my teens (which is twenty years ago.) I only have one thing to say about all that craziness… amazing how time makes even the ugliest memories look and smell like roses.

        I’m not into politics at all but I remember that time. And I cannot believe how easily we as a country forget.

        What do you do now that you don’t have time to write?

      • phoenixember says:

        Mainly reading, binge-watching, stalking oppas. Hehehe. Maybe I got tired of all the drama in the news and the circus that is our politics so I just resorted to KDramas and KMovies. I have come to appreciate them just recently. Late to the party, I guess. Hehehe.

        I agree with what you said about the ugliest memories and tbh, I feel sorry for the families of the victims, for the souls of those whose lives were lost during those dark times. Also not political, but I’m really disappointed – ashamed, even – that recent decisions brought us to where we are now. That’s why I urge you to write a story, perhaps circa ’83? Nostalgia with a strong message.

        I guess I’ll put R94 next on my list. I’m now curious as to why a lot of you Chil Bongie lovers were heartbroken. Perhaps it’s time to meet Chil Bong. 🙂

        Have you considered self-publishing a stand-alone novel?

      • dimsumofallthings says:

        I started watching Kdramas and Kmovies in 2008… the first one I watched was “A Moment To Remember” with Jung Woo Sung and Son Ye Jin and I haven’t looked back since. Sadly I have never been to Seoul but maybe one day.

        I wanted to tackle the late 80s because I wanted to cover the People’s Revolution in the story. Like I said it’s kind of a Reply type story so of course it will begin in the present and then go back. There has to be some levity so I wasn’t going to dig into the earlier parts of the Martial Law days as I don’t have any recollection of that time and writing without that pov might do it an injustice.

        The closest I ever got to a standalone story was “A Leap of Faith” which is kind of a story within the story of “A Moment’s Choice” (which was Chilbong’s story). All the characters in that story (with the exception of Na Jeong and Chilbong) are original. Maybe one day I will think about another original story but it’s so hard to find inspiration with a full time job. Lol.

        Whereabouts in Pinas are you from?

      • phoenixember says:

        Aaaaah. See, adulting really gets in the way of writing. Lol, jk. 🙂 I was able to get published on Inquirer once and that’s it. Hopefully, my brain will start working again and the words will come out and I’ll be able to write again. Soon, I hope. Root for me too, please? 🙂

        I’m a southern lass commuting everyday to the metro. A place where you can’t really hear your inner voice anymore. Really frustrating sometimes.

        Ahhh, I get your point. Late 80s is not a bad idea. Late 80s to early 90s was like the height of pop and innocence. And then mid-90s was all about teen angst and liberation (a.k.a the glory days of grunge look). I guess you are a Batang 90s, then? Gen X… they say it’s the last decent generation. I’m a millenial but I was really pop culture-savvy even when I was a kid so I tell myself I’m a Batang 90s too. Yay! 😀

        I’m such a couch potato nowadays, mainly to keep myself entertained and to get inspiration for my writing, too. My siblings were telling me, “Kinain ka na ng KDrama.” Hahaha XD I even listen to KPop songs now. (Fangirling much?)

        I really dig nostalgic movies/series. I’ve seen Sunny (2011), Hot Blooded Youth and Gangnam Blues recently. And of course, I’ve seen R97 (cue “All For You”). Maybe it’s just me growing up and getting old, but looking back on those days made the present seem really complicated when it should be simple – what, with technology and all that.

        Yeah, maybe it’s because of age. Hahaha. 😀

      • dimsumofallthings says:

        I was actually born in 1980, so I have a vague recollection of that time, but what sticks most in my memories are the songs of that time, with Cinderella and the like.

        I’ll definitely root for you. Writing can, at times, be unrewarding, but I find myself reading the stuff I had written (sometimes in amazement) and being proud. It’s such a healthy way to express who you are and what you think and what you believe in without shoving it down people’s throats.

        I left in 1993 so my memories are tinged with that forever 80s Mandaluyong Manila palette, all dirty and noisy and jeepneys and street foods. Part of me wonders whether the sudden desire to write about that time is so that I don’t forget. Life was so insular for me back then, and just like the Reply dramas, it really was all about the places and the people we knew and grew up with.

        I’m not into Kpop that much… except the ballads (go figure… I am a Filipino after all.) But I like drama soundtracks lol.

        I think it’s nice when you’re able to look back and appreciate those times. Back then we were all caught up in emotions and… well… life that we can’t see the beauty until it’s passed.

        What are the dramas you’re watching now?

      • phoenixember says:

        Just how you phrased it, I actually imagined the Mandaluyong Manila palette you were talking about. Houses of varied heights, smoky, with a splatter of colors here and there courtesy of the different signs from sari-sari stores advertising Coke or Pepsi. I was brought up in the province, but I could hear the buzzing sound of people passing by and the honks of jeepneys. For some reason, I was brought back to those days when Royal Tru-Orange and Skyflakes brought me unadulterated contentment, when we huddled around the stereo anticipating what the number one song for the week was in DWLS FM, when afternoons were spent playing tex and ten-twenty. Oh boy, you really have a way with words. Continue writing please! 🙂

        Seems like you’ve been away for a long time. The place looks different, in general. Like there are some areas which are already highly urbanized, stylish, the works. But if you come back for a visit, maybe you’d find Pinas the same as how you left it.

        I’m stuck with R88, unfortunately, since I committed myself to finishing it this time around. But before that, I watched Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. I also got hooked on Princess Hours, Lovers in Paris, Shining Inheritance, It’s Okay, That’s Love, Queen In-Hyun’s Man, Dae Jang-Geum… the list goes on. Hahaha. 😀 I’m into sageuk, too. Movies… hmmm… Windstruck, The Classic, My Sassy Girl, Speedy Scandal. Oh, and I’m into 2 Days 1 Night. 😀

      • dimsumofallthings says:

        I really loved Jealousy Incarnate too and Queen In Hyun’s Man is one of my all time faves. Loved It’s Okay That’s Love also.

        It’s been a really long time since I was in the Philippines. My family have been back many times in the past few years but then something always came up and I just didn’t.

        Yeah those memories of my childhood are kind of fuzzy now but I remember drinking the soda from a plastic bag and standing around waiting for the fish balls to be done frying. I remember the smell of peanuts and garlic and goto whenever we went to the palengke. I remember the cold in the wind (though really how cold can it get in Manila compared to here) when Christmas season came and when we all got dragged out of bed for midnight mass. My favorite part was the fresh bibingka.

        Why is it every Philippine memory is connected to food???

      • phoenixember says:

        Hahahahaha. We’re a foodie country (and a Karaoke/Videoke country, too).

        Speaking of which, it’s Christmas season once more and it’s raining here. Crazy how the weather has been these past years. I’ve seen Bibingka and Puto Bumbong stalls in town. Now, you made me want to stop by the town plaza on my way home.

        I hope our country still has a spot in your heart. You should visit sometime. Who knows, you might find enough inspiration to finish that nostalgic 80s piece of yours. 😉

        I haven’t seen Jealousy Incarnate but it’s on my list. Gong Hyo-Jin is one of my favorites. Loved her in Master’s Sun and It’s Okay, That’s Love. (So Ji Sub and Jo In Sung… my forever oppas!)

        Have you seen other Asian dramas? Maybe something from here too?

      • dimsumofallthings says:

        I loved the Christmas season in the Philippines as well as the food. So much of Asia I think is connected to their foods.

        Gong Hyo Jin is awesome in Jealousy Incarnate but Jo Jung Seok is the one who really shined.

        I watched OTWOL last year but nothing this year yet. Access to Filipino dramas is not as easy as kdrama here so it’s difficult to see what is out there. And I’m kind of old school lol when it comes to actors and actresses. I don’t know half the people that are in Philippine showbiz anymore.

        Are there Filipino dramas you recommend?

      • phoenixember says:

        Uhm… I don’t also watch local TV that much nowadays. Maybe because I’m dead-tired at night from the long commute. 😦 The time I binge-watch KDramas on my phone is when I’m in transit. Just to keep my mind off the traffic. Hehehe. I can recommend some Pinoy movies, though. 🙂

        Oh, Jo Jung Seuk has an upcoming movie with DO from EXO. It looks fun. I’ve seen him in Oh My Ghost and he’s my kind of oppa, too. :3

        BTW, I saw the V-App interview with Ryu Jun Yeol (late to the party again) which was right around the time R88 was in its finale week (I think). He tear up when he talked about the husband decision and the outpour of support from the fans. Even him and Hyeri thought Jung Hwan and Deok Sun are endgame! 😥

      • dimsumofallthings says:

        Hey sorry it took forever to respond. Work has been incredibly busy and I am now just settling down.

        I would definitely appreciate Pinoy movie reqs.

        You should definitely watch all of Ryu Jun Yeol’s V-App interviews especially the more recent ones. There’s talk that he and Hyeri hang out a lot and play bowling. It’s enough to make this shipper’s heart delusional. LOL.

      • phoenixember says:

        No worries! 🙂

        Waaaaaaahhhhh I know right. TEAM REAL!!! And Hyeri was always reaching out to him during the tvN10 Awards. (Yes, I’m literally squealing like crazy right now!) 🙂

        Do you have an account on soompi? Maybe I can shoot you a DM for the movies and all other fangirling stuff? 🙂

  3. yasczmin says:

    Hey, fellow gaedeok shippers! I read Goodbye, Hello a few weeks ago when I was struggling trying to find some closure for the best character in Kdrama, Kim Junghwan. Thank you for getting me a sense of closure. The plot of your fiction is very much what I expect after the end of episode 18: I want Deoksun to take the ring back and things would fall into place. I desperately want to fly to Seoul to knock some sense to the scriptwriters head, but then I watch Reply 1988 in November 2016 not November 2015 (I was so late to the party. I always am). Once again, thank you very much. It’s always nice to meet fellow gaedeok shippers, let’s be friends! Anyway, I come from Indonesia, neighbor country of Pinoy so apologize if you find some grammatical errors and stuffs.

    Ps: is it possible for me to get your email address? I kind of want to discuss some things about gaedeok.



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