GOODBYE, HELLO E-Book Download Now Available



The printed copies of “Goodbye, Hello” for the raffle winners will start going out late next week. I apologize for the delay but there was a problem with the initial batch.

In the meantime… I have published both the clean and uncensored e-book versions of “Goodbye, Hello” available for download on Smashwords.

The links are below:



Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any problems downloading the e-book.


6 thoughts on “GOODBYE, HELLO E-Book Download Now Available

  1. Murni ati putri says:

    Dear author, i just received your book and everything that including in it, you are amaziiiing, actually my mother received it 2 weeks ago but i am not in the city since 2 weeks ago, and i just arrived like 30 minutes ago when my mother told me that i got a packet from overseas, i frezee for a moment wondering, what kind a packet LOL then when my mom handling it to me i start screaming, OMG my fav fanfiction arrived !! my mom just look at me confused hahahahahha btw now is 12.30 AM and i am grinning like a fool seeing the your book, your dvd and even your bookmark ^^

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