For so long Lee Jung Jin was a man who thought he had everything. Charming, handsome, and ruthless, he had his world on a string. To him, love is a game only worth playing as long as victory was guaranteed, and there was no prize greater than the challenge itself.

Strong, defiant and untouchable, she lives with the sins of her past. A woman of principle and belief, her mistakes cloud her present. She sees love as a gift, a curse… and her greatest weakness.

What happens when a man who doesn’t believe in love meets a woman who has vowed to keep love out of her life?

Can two people with two separate and distinct pasts create a future together?

When chance and choice collide, how much will they give for a taste of forever?

From the creators of A Moment’s Choice comes A Leap of Faith, the story of Joon’s manager and the woman who comes into his life just when he thought he had figured it all out. It is a story of redemption, of survival, and of forgiveness… and the story of how Lee Jung Jin fell in love, the woman he fell in love with, and the inexplicable, irresistible power of destiny.


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