24:04 Junnie Do you need a beta reader???
24:05 Gia I dont even know what a beta reader is! Lol
24:05 Gia Is that like someone to read?
24:05 Junnie Yeah…
24:06 Gia If this continues then yes lol
24:06 Junnie It’s like someone to read and comment about it
24:06 Gia Ohhhh thats cool
24:06 Gia Then yes
24:06 Junnie Improve grammar/spelling… Provide suggestions
24:07 Junnie All before it is out to the public to read…
24:07 Gia It’s always good to have that before I post anything up
24:39 Junnie Can I volunteer for the role???
24:39 Junnie Haha…
2 4:39 Gia Of course you can
24:39 Gia You’ve been doing that the last two hours
24:40 Junnie Haha… Did not realize that though… It’s so fun to bounce ideas around
24:55 Gia Absolutely
24:55 Gia Two is better than one
24:55 Gia Plus someone else might see things I missed

10:11 Gia Junnieeee I need a title right?!?!
10:11 Gia I’m stumped

10:13 Junnie Yeah…
1 0:16 Gia You sleepy?
10:17 Junnie Nope… Just finish watching an ep of criminal minds
10:17 Junnie Hahaha
10:18 Junnie A turn of events?
10:18 Gia Oh you’re so cute hahaha
10:18 Gia I like that
10:18 Gia A Turn of Events
10:18 Junnie Confused passion?
10:19 Junnie Maybe that is not so good…
10:19 Gia Omghghh
10:19 Junnie Growing older?
10:20 Gia Confused passion sounds like an erotic tale
10:20 Gia I like a turn of events
10:20 Junnie Hahaha… Exactly!!!!! No to confused passion
10:20 Gia Or something along like making a different choice
10:20 Gia Or taking the different direction
10:20 Junnie Haha… A turn of events it is
10:21 Gia Confused passion cracks me up
10:21 Gia Thats like the thing kat posted about T and bing
10:22 Junnie Haha
10:23 Junnie I was initially referring to t and nj.. Then realized I am going the wrong direction
10:23 Junnie Hahaha
10:23 Gia Yeah I don’t care about them hahaha
10:25 Junnie How about the phrase that scp uses??
10:25 Junnie A moment’s choice
10:25 Gia Ooohhhhh yeah
10:25 Gia Perfect
10:26 Gia I love that
10:58 Junnie Your fic is all about choices… Nj choice and CB choice and their choices as a couple…
10:58 Junnie Very apt title…
10:58 Junnie [Sticker]
10:59 Gia Yes girl this is why I love you


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