An Open Letter to the Fabulous AMC Readers: 

First and foremost, @JunnieZa and I would like to express the deepest of gratitudes for reading our fan fiction. Even though we don’t know most of you, we truly do appreciate your support throughout AMC’s run and are extremely humbled that you shared this journey with us. And we know there are a lot of you, or we would never have reached the level of readership from not only soompi, but WordPress as well. 
We have devoted many countless hours plotting and writing and editing as well as sleepless nights and our social lives (and families and husband in my case) to be able to bring you this story. And we acknowledge that you have as well to read it (since AMC chapters are monsters), and we hope that it’s been worth it. 
The goal of the AMC journey has always been one thing and one thing alone: to explore the possibility of what could have been had NYE 1999 ended in a different way. Who would Na Jeong have become? Will Joon finally win her heart? 
It turned out that that was the smallest of worries, because we truly do believe that had that moment been seized, their trajectories would have sparked and collided and pushed them towards a path that they never could have foreseen, but always towards each other. We wanted to deliver a story that was rooted in real life issues like identity and choice,  as well as growing up and figuring out who you really are and learning to accept it, learning to embrace it, and letting that knowledge push you to become the best possible version of yourself. 
We had many discussions on how we were going to approach this story,  but we also knew we had to work within the confines of what the readers already know of Joon and Na Jeong’s history, as well as the baggage they carried should they embark on a true, honest relationship. 
Our hope is that by the end of AMC that readers can rest with the knowledge that in this universe, Joon and Na Jeong are living happily and crazily in love, fully devoted to each other and completely cognizant of the choices they’ve made. We wanted to end up with two characters who were multi-dimensional and layered, who may be flawed but still deserve the best in life and of course, deserve each other. We wanted them to have a functional relationship, solidly founded on love, friendship, mutual respect and trust. 
AMC was supposed to be the story of how Na Jeong fell in love with Joon, but ultimately it is Joon’s story. That it was written to provide Joon with what he deserved (as opposed to what was portrayed in the drama) is a true testament of how much Chilbong was loved. 
The AMC world is dynamic and its story moved quickly, juxtaposing humor and sadness, joy and sorrow in equal measures, just like in real life. None of us live completely happy or sad all the time, and we wanted Na Jeong and Joon’s journey to reflect that paradox as well. The focus really was on celebrating and truly experiencing all of life’s moments, both grand and mundane, embroiled in conflict or perfectly at peace, and realizing that every decision we make can make or break our fates. We can choose to live passively or take an active role in our destinies, just like Joon and Na Jeong did. 
Most of what you read (places,  restaurants, people) were all based on things that exist in our world, and that had been intentional. We
did this to lend a measure of credibility and cadence in building the world that AMC existed in, and additionally, we wanted to ensure that you viewed our OTP as people who are relatable and who could actually exist. We wanted to ensure that their world remained so tangible so as to believe that Joon and Na Jeong are still living their lives even after this story ended, and even if we are no longer privy to it. 
That being said, we hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed creating it. We love you all very much and hope you will be as supportive when some of the side stories come out. 
Can two people who had a bitter past move forward onto a better future? Can they find it with each other? Can love, once it’s been lost, be found again? These are the questions we want to answer next, and in a couple of weeks, we will be releasing “A New Beginning”, which is a story about Joon’s parents. R1994 provided us with very minimal details on Joon’s family and childhood, leaving us with a blank slate with which to build upon. They are a part of AMC history, and as its Epilogue implied, we already know that his parents, did in fact,  end up together again. Here’s our chance to show you how it happened. We will be going back even further in time, all the way to 1973, when their story started. 
We hope you’ll stay tuned in to their story as well,  especially since @JunnieZa and I have already fallen in love with them even as we were introducing them both on AMC. 
Again, thank you from the very bottom of our Cider hearts. As always, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line! We love hearing from you 🙂 


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