Birthday Ficlet: AMUSE BOUCHE – Part 3

**Disclaimer: All publicly known celebrities or places are property of their respective owner.  We own nothing but the plot. Most of all, we are not associated to the said celebrities or places. To their fans… This story is for entertainment only and we do not mean no harm to anybodies reputation and fame. We are sure your star doesn’t behave like that. Please don’t kill us…**


A Birthday Ficlet


Part III

April 25, 2014

8:30 p.m.

Hyun Joong

I was very sure that she would come to meet me for dinner… I am of course a great looking guy, with great milky clear skin, a great voice, angled features. And most of all… I am a Hallyu Star. The CFs I film for are for those famous brands, Samsung, Converse, Hang Ten, Lotte, Face Shop… Each CF is worth Billions of Won. My name is heard throughout Asia… I have fans all around. Yes, Y will come. How can she resist this fine specimen of man?

But as I waited at the table Waku Ghin for 30 mins and counting, I cannot believe she is not showing up. How can she make a Hallyu Star wait? A HALLYU STAR!! I don’t wait for anyone! Fans queue up in line and wait to SEE ME! Not the other way around… But she is the love of your life, a little voice in my head said. Its just 30 mins.

Why is she not coming?!? I started tapping my fingers on the table while finishing the last drop of water in my glass. I was still staring at the glass when I spotted a long leg walking towards me. My eyes followed the black open toed stilettos leading to slender ankle, toned calf and slim thigh reaching the top of the slit. Emerald green fabric swishing daringly as the person walked. Chiffon hugged generous hips to a small waist, leading to a bosom that’s abundant over the neckline. Could it be? My heart pounding in my chest, I stood up to greet this goddess of a woman.  I would have dropped to my knees she looked so beautiful. My dream lady, Y, came. She may be a few minutes late, but she was worth every damn minute. I watched as she flung her thick hair, curled now, over one shoulder and adjusted an earring. Wow… I thought… Has there been a woman more beautiful?

She looked at me and narrowed her gaze. To be honest, I am looking very beautiful too. I straightened my tuxedo and grabbed the rose that was in the vase in the center of the table. I am a Casanova. This woman is mine tonight…


April 25th 2014

8:35 p.m.


I walked into Waku Ghin not knowing what to expect.  After debating with myself all day I thought why not?  It’s a free meal after all and I am a practical woman. I don’t get to go to these restaurants every day. Of course it didn’t hurt that my friend told me that Song Seung Hun-ssi was going to be here tonight. Just the thought of bumping into him sent tingles down my spine.

I fingered the gown as I put it on, enjoying the feel of luxurious fabric against my skin. My hair set in pin waves, I went for old Hollywood glamour, painting my lips a dark sultry red. Burlesque dancer lips. I kept my breasts loose, the bodice on the gown fitted enough to give them support.  As I slipped my feet into long unused stilettos I wondered if this boy/man I met can even hold a decent conversation.  I didn’t need to bother with stockings… My legs are silky smooth from the laser treatments I have treated myself to.

As I walked towards the table following the maitre d, I looked around to see if Song Seung Hun-ssi was here yet. Adjusting the hair that got trapped in my chandelier earrings, I pushed it all to one side to fix it properly only to see a pair of eyes intently watching me.

I saw him straighten his jacket and allowed myself to admit that he does look a little more mature dressed up. Sure, some women will fall for those flower boy looks but has he got the virility that a man has? It’s time for me to find out. He took the rose from the table and I had to stop myself from laughing out loud. What man romances a woman with a rose that the restaurant provides? This boy/man apparently.

He offered me his arm and appreciating the chivalry, I took it and permitted him to lead me to the table. Once seated I perused the menu and tried to ignore the eyes trying to look down my neckline. Feast your eyes on these babies, I thought, knowing that my generous breasts were spilling over the top. After giving my order I pondered if Hyun Joong was as daring as he looked. I slip my hand onto his thigh and felt him stiffen against me, his warm breath caressing my neck. So far, so good.  What would he do if my fingers traveled to his groin?  I did just that and I heard him suppress a moan. Interesting… How much experience does he have?

I turned my face to his and fluttered my lashes. All at once his mouth was on mine and his lips, soft and gentle were pressing against my mouth. I felt his tongue begging for entry and I allowed him. He tastes like a man… Masculine and heady, and felt him harden under my palm as he kissed me and I responded. His hand went to my waist and squeezed once then twice as his fingers made their way to the curve of my breasts. My body reacted instinctively even against my will and my nipples hardened in response. Seemingly aware of my body’s excitement, he bravely cupped a breast as his thumb rubbed a nipple. I moaned against his mouth and emboldened, his hand dropped to the slit of the gown. Seemingly uncaring that we were not in a private place, I felt fingers lingering on the top of my thigh. I didn’t protest. It’s my birthday after all. A large hand hovered over the slit and I sucked on his tongue to ask him to continue.

Quickly now fingers restlessly rubbed against my core, as if trying to figure out where to go. I almost started laughing until I saw the concentration on his face. Finally, he figured it out and he slipped the fabric covering my flower to one side as he caressed the soft skin waiting underneath. Pleasure shot through me despite my intentions and my hips started moving of their own accord.  He dipped a finger in my wetness and if this man got any harder he would be able to kill someone with his spear. He rubbed it against the taut bud begging to be touched and I had to hold back a loud groan. I pictured Song Seung Hun doing this to me and the fantasy only caused me to squirm harder against his insistent fingers. Oh… Seung Hun, I thought as I felt his fingers invade my body. I felt lips kissing my neck and I writhed shamelessly. The pressure built inside me and as he took my mouth for a kiss I imagined Seung Hun’s mouth on my core doing what his tongue is doing to my mouth and my control slipped. My climax tore through me in waves, my hips trying to take more in and my body trembling in surrender.


April 25th 2014

9:00 p.m.

Hyun Joong

I felt her tighten around my fingers as I continued to kiss her juicy strawberry tasting lips down to her neck. As she climaxed, I heard her whisper something over and over. I know I am that good. Of course she will whisper out my name. How can anyone resist?

“Song Seung Hun” She breathed out the last whisper as she closed her eyes tight.


As I pull my fingers out of her, I looked at her. “Thats not my name… Y, why did you whisper Song Seung Hun name?”

“Oh… You heard? I think I have accidentally voiced out my thoughts… Oh well… Since you have heard it, I will be honest with you then.” She shrugged her shoulders as she continued. “I am Song Seung Hun’s fan. Major Fan! I am only here because I heard he is here.” As she finished her sentence, she started peering into the rest of the restaurant trying to spot that guy.

“But I am Kim Hyun Joong… I am a Hallyu Star… Everyone loves me… You are supposed to love me…” My voice cracked as I felt something stuck in back of my throat.

“Oh honey… Don’t be sad.” She said not bothering to even look at me, she stood up to look into another area of the restaurant. “I am sure someone knows who you are. You need to work harder though… I haven’t heard your name before. Are you sure you are famous in Korea?”

“Yes! I am very famous! I get mobbed by fans in Changi Airport everytime I come here. I sing and dance… And appear in drama and variety shows… I am Very Famous! I have tonnes of fans in Japan too! I film lots of CFs!” I cannot believe she hasn’t heard of me before. My face is plastered on lots of brands!

“Oh… Song Seung Hun-ssi is here! Bye!” She stood up and took her purse. I grabbed her hand before she walked off.

“Stay… I will prove to you that I am famous! You must have heard my song before…”

I’m really, very foolish
I know of no one other than you
You’re looking at someone else
Yet you have no idea of my feelings like this

I won’t be in your days
I won’t be in the memories either, however
Only you, I looked only at you
And the tears keep coming

As I watch you walking past, I’m still happy
Even though you still don’t know my heart
I should stop this and go

I really want to see the day
I’m withstanding the pain each day
“I love you” is playing on my lips
Alone once again, crying for you
Alone once again, missing for you
Baby, I love you, I’m waiting for you…

“Erm… Your voice is really nice. Do stop singing though,  because you are embarrassing me.”

“Y… Don’t go… Don’t leave me…” I whimpered as I dropped to my knees. “I love you…”

“Kim Hyun Joong-ssi… I don’t date little boys like you. Song Seung Hun, on the other hand, is a total different story. He is a fine specimen of a man… Let go of my hand… I need to go fangirl.”

She left the restaurant and out of my life like a tornado… Leaving the millions of broken pieces of my heart behind. I stood up and ran out to catch her but to no avail. She was gone. How could I capture the wind? So wild and free?

As I stared into the crowd outside the restaurant, I dropped to my knees and looked up. “Why do you give and take it away from me? WAE?!?! WAE?!?!” I screamed as tears flowed freely down my cheeks.

Whispers and fingers started pointing as a crowd gathered when I continue to scream. The only reply I got was a familiar Korean song playing at the background of the mall.

“Let’s go. Let’s run. Loving you forever. Almost paradise…”


**Disclaimer: All publicly known celebrities or places are property of their respective owner.  We own nothing but the plot. Most of all, we are not associated to the said celebrities or places. To their fans… This story is for entertainment only and we do not mean no harm to anybodies reputation and fame. We are sure your star doesn’t behave like that. Please don’t kill us…**


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