Birthday Ficlet: AMUSE BOUCHE – Part 2

**Disclaimer: All publicly known celebrities or places are property of their respective owner.  We own nothing but the plot. Most of all, we are not associated to the said celebrities or places. To their fans… This story is for entertainment only and we do not mean no harm to anybodies reputation and fame. We are sure your star doesn’t behave like that. Please don’t kill us…**


A Birthday Ficlet


Part II

April 25th 2014



I woke up already in a bad mood. It was my birthday and I had to go into work. Usually I enjoy my job and the challenges that it brings, but due to staff shortages I had been redeployed to deal with the petty IT issues of the VIPs. THIS was NOT what I had studied and worked so long and hard for. Some of these people were so dumb that they didn’t realise that that their laptops had to be plugged in to recharge – that there wasn’t an endless charge and it didn’t magically recharge itself overnight.

I checked the messages on my phone and saw that some of my friends had messaged me wishing me a happy birthday, but were more focused on fangirling that Song Seung Hun was in Singapore and they heard that he was going to be at one of the more exclusive restaurants in the city. Waku Ghin to be precise. Damn, because of this redeployment to be at the beck and call of the rich, famous and stupid, I would not be able to leave work until 10pm, and therefore not be able to be there when he would be dining. Not that I had a chance of getting a booking, but a girl could always hope couldn’t she?

I wasn’t due into work until 10am, and so I was sipping on my coffee leisurely reading the paper, when my phone rang. It was the hotel concierge number. Sighing I answered.

“Y, we need you now!! One of our VVIP’s computer has crashed and he is demanding that it be fixed immediately! It’s really important that we keep this VVIP happy…..” Henry the concierge did not even bother with the normal pleasantries. “Please Y, it’s an emergency. His manager is frantic and if our VVIP is not happy, he’ll never come back to stay, and ever since he’s been staying with us, occupancy rates have gone through the roof!”

I sighed and agreed. There was no point in arguing. VVIP’s always got what they wanted and if I did well on this temporary redeployment, it was a stepping stone to a huge promotion. Lucky for me, during this period, I got to stay in one of the hotel suites for my troubles, and so didn’t have far to go.

I put on one of my usual outfits of a black pencil skirt and a crisp collared blouse. Running a brush through my long hair, I decided to leave it out, as it didn’t seem like I would have time to style it. EVERYTHING was an emergency with VVIPs. Cue eye rolls all around.


I knocked on the door. Three irritated taps. Waiting for it to open, I shifted my laptop bag from one hand to the other. Within the minute the door was flung open by a harried looking man who looked as though he had run his hands through his hair in frustration quite a few times already. Seeing the relief on that man’s face, I could surmise that he was either the manager or the PA of this VVIP.

Striding past him, I walked into the lounge area of one of the hotels presidential suites.

“Good morning. My name is Y, I heard you have a computer emergency? Show me the computer.”

I didn’t have time for pleasantries or for fawning over VIP’s. I did my job and I did it well, so there was no need for me to kiss up to people who I’d never see again.

Sitting on one of the plush lounges was a man staring at me open-mouthed. Objectively speaking, he was very handsome, with all of his features in perfect proportion and the only flaw was a scar on his left cheek. But he was no Song Seung Hun. Now there was a real man. Just thinking about him sent delicious tingles of excitement and pleasure throughout my body.

The strange man quickly gathered himself together as he stood up and held out his hand for me to shake.

“Good morning… Y was it? I’m Kim Hyun Joong, but please call me Hyun Joong” he shook my hand within his large warm grasp, his eyes never leaving mine. “As for my laptop, it’s not an issue anymore. I’m sure it’s just a temporary problem.”

“Mr Kim, even if it is what you say, it is my job and duty to make sure that the problem with your laptop is resolved, so please let me take a look.” There was no way I was going to leave and have them call me back 30mins later when the problem hadn’t been resolved, and then complain about me. That promotion was too goddamn important. I saw that there was an open laptop on the coffee table and got to work.

I quickly got to the root of the problems and applied a fix. Allowing myself a slightly satisfied smile, I turned to Hyun Joong and explained what the problem had been. Hyun Joong smiled widely. A smile which to any other woman would have been classified as devastating. But it is not doing anything to me. Give me Song Seung Hun anyday over this boy/man.

“Thank you so much Y. It’s really important for me to keep in touch with my fans, and I am amazed and grateful at how quickly you fixed this for me. I would like to show my gratitude by taking you out for dinner tonight.” His voice was warm and persuasive.

“Thank you for your kind invitation, but I was just doing my job, so I will have to decline as it is against the hotels policy to receive gifts or favours from our guests” I replied in a businesslike manner. “And anyway I have to work till 10 pm tonight, so I wouldn’t have been free even if it wasn’t against hotel policy”. With that last sentence I shook his hand and walked out of his suite, leaving Hyun Joong with a look of wonder and puzzlement.


2hrs later

After sorting out another “emergency” where I had to retrieve a document which had accidentally been deleted, after first having to calm the hysterics of the highly strung business executive, I returned to my rooms at the hotel, so that I could grab a hair tie for my hair which had been falling into my eyes while I had been working. I realised immediately that someone had been into my rooms, when I noticed a large box tied with a ribbon with a card on top which was addressed with a simple “Y”. Intrigued I opened the envelope and read the card.

Dear Y,

Please accept this gift and wear it tonight to dinner with me. I have made a booking at Waku Ghin at 8pm, and I have cleared it with your boss and hotel management, so that you will be allowed to accompany me tonight. I will not take no for an answer.


My mind raced as I opened what I now knew to be a dress box. Inside was the most beautiful gown that I had ever beheld. It was made up of sheer layers of the deepest emerald green silk chiffon. Strapless with a daring split on the left side. Ladylike and elegant, but daring and seductive all in one.

What to do? Should I go or shouldn’t I go? I didn’t want to give him the wrong idea and think that I was interested, but this was my one opportunity to be in the same restaurant as Song Seung Hun, wearing a knockout gown… …


**Disclaimer: All publicly known celebrities or places are property of their respective owner.  We own nothing but the plot. Most of all, we are not associated to the said celebrities or places. To their fans… This story is for entertainment only and we do not mean no harm to anybodies reputation and fame. We are sure your star doesn’t behave like that. Please don’t kill us…**


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