Jung Woo Sung’s car stuck from the floods

by kimchisteve on September 21, 2010 at 12:39 pm

It seems like Lee Seung Chul isn’t the only celebrity suffering from the heavy rainfall over the Chuseok Holiday.

A photo of actor Jung Woo Sung’s car stuck in a flood has been garnering much attention on the web. What makes it even worse is that the car is a high end Mercedes Benz parked inside a condo parking lot, proving that the current rainfall is out of control.

A resident who lives in the same condo complex uploaded the picture on their twitter, leaving a message stating, “I’m looking for actor, Jung Woo Sung. We got our car out of there, but the celebrity’s car, which is worth about $200,000 USD (in Korea), is still stuck.”

As the rain is still going strong, the amount of water could have significantly risen by now.

Unfortunately, Jung Woo Sung is currently in Japan filming for the upcoming IRIS spin off drama Athena. The filming locale recently moved to Japan after filming for weeks in Italy.

Via Soompi

If anyone has Woo Sung oppa’s phone number, I would like to volunteer myself in calling him. I wouldn’t even mind being the bearer of bad news. Seriously. I mean it. It wouldn’t be a bother. AT ALL.


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