BeautyBlog: BELO products

So this is more of an introduction that anything else. In the last few weeks I have been trying to be good, in terms of controlling my spending, but nothing will keep me from investing a few bucks in skin care. As I get older I am becoming more and more aware of how easy it is to take my skin for granted. I view any money that I spend on beauty products an investment towards my future self- confidence and sanity.

I wanted to try some Korean products, but I realized that I do not have Korean skin (DUH). Also, the prices on even its most econo-shopper friendly line exceeds my biweekly grocery budget. So, on investigation, I decided to go with the product line very popular in the Philippines, and endorsed by one of my girl idols, Regine Velasquez. So in comes BELO Essentials with Dermlight System. The prices (from a Philippine store online) were reasonable. And they were shipped very quickly.

Here is the description posted online about the products:

Vicki Belo and the skin care experts at Belo Medical Group bring you a line of scientifically formulated skin-care products: soaps, face wash, lotions that lighten skin naturally and safely. With the Dermlight Skin System – a combination of alpine plant extracts, California prune fruit pulp, and skin vitamins, Belo Essentials reduce skin darkening by inhibiting tyrosinase, which leads to melanin build-up.

Belo Essentials brings you with a skin care line that can specifically address the concerns of each Filipina. Its unique formulation possesses a unique dual whitening system that controls melanin production and prevents melanin transfer to the surface of the skin.”

I did not end up buying EVERYTHING on the product line, just in case I don’t end up liking it. But I did get the facial wash, the toner and the day and night creams. Anyway, I am on day 2 of regular use and it seems to be working. I should have taken a photo of my face before use and after, but alas, I do not have that much foresight.  Will keep you all in touch of my skin’s progress.

On another note, can I just say how much I love Phil-Am Market online?!?!

Where else can I get Filipino beauty products, as well as some fresh lomi? FANTASTIC!


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