RandomBlog: My Obsessions

I have been taking some time off of watching dramas for a few weeks, partly because a) I haven’t seen anything lately that excited me, and b) I decided to pursue other hobbies besides drama-watching. So, in the last two weeks, besides going to work and being fabulous full-time, I have been doing the following: learn to speak/write Hangul, shopping (not really new to me), and trying my hand in card-making.

Foreign languages have always been fascinating to me. I am fluent in English and Tagalog, and can speak conversational Spanish very well. I decided, since I was obsessed with Korean dramas, to try my hand at learning the language, which will eliminate my need for subtitles (my eyes will be grateful). Of course I knew that it was going to be difficult, but what I did not factor in was that it was almost impossible to learn to speak Hangul without learning to write it as well. All the sounds are connected to the writing. So far I am doing okay. I have accessed the Korean keyboard on my laptop, and had gained a Korean penpal by the name of Jun. I carry my Korean notebook with me everywhere I go, and I try to practice whenever I have the chance.(안 녕 하 세 요– See!!! ❤ it!) However, in the last couple of days, I haven't updated or reviewed my lessons. I will definitely try to catch up this coming week.

The one disadvantage to losing weight (24 pounds so far- WOOHOO!) is that I am constantly tempted to buy new clothing. SO to combat that, I have been buying everything else besides clothing… although I must admit that I did splurge on two pairs of yoga pants… but I have an excuse!!! They were $7 each! But my favorite buy so far has to be MAC’s Mineralize Skin Finish. I wouldn’t call it a foundation per se, more like a bronzer (or a cheek flusher?!?!).

The last thing I have been occupying myself with is card-making. Though I have always leaned towards making crafts, I have the horrible habit of never finishing anything. I mean ANYTHING. My sister taught me how to knit a few years ago, and I still only have a doily shaped square that was supposed to be a scarf with my knitting needles still poked into the yarn. I have a few scrapbooks that I never finished and a hatboxful of scrapbooking supplies, some of which are so not even my style anymore (seriously, what was I thinking?) So far, I have started 2 Christmas cards and 2 birthday cards. Will post pictures when I have taken them.

A week ago, however, Playful Kiss started. I was not prepared to like the drama so much.I liked It Started With a Kiss with Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin, but I was not crazy about it. Kim Hyun Joong disappointed me so much in Boys Over Flowers that I seriously had doubts about how he would play this character. Jung So Min looked promising, and I adore her cuteness. So I just started watching one night, and now I am hooked. I await each episode eagerly, and I hope and pray that it stays funny to the end. It is a bit young, but I enjoy the chemistry between the leads. JSM is charming and lovable, KHJ is handsome and really good at playing aloof. He does have a lovely smile though. On the rare times that it comes it, it's like a little bit of sunshine peeking out because he always looks so serious.

I also started watching I Am Legend. Yes, it took me 12 episodes to get over the fact that Kim Sun Ah (girl crush) is not in it any longer. It looks promising, but I have to get through at least 2 episodes to give a more informed opinion.

Also on rotation, or will be once I get myself together, are Coffee House (finally) AND Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I have a notorious routine of watching dramas only after they have finished so that I can watch them marathon style, but I think I will have to modify that as needed. I heard a lot of fuss about Coffee House when it was showing, and now I am going to see if it lives up to the hype. After You’re Beautiful and Coffee Prince, I think I may be in the mood again for a girl-dressing-like-a-boy and falling in love with one-of-the-three-other-boys who she goes to school/work/play in a band with stories.

Looks like I will stay busy through most of this week and thereafter. At least until my JWS comes back to the small screen and every activity will have to be paused so that I can concentrate on him. LOL.


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