cos it’s half past midnight and i can’t help myself

“Pandas, you don’t have a prayer.”

I swear to you, sometimes I see a picture like this and I think my ovaries are melting into puddles, ready to be fertilized… LOL… I know, I KNOW… too much information! But who can resist this face? No seriously, who CAN?

BECAUSE, as so eloquently states:

“Point is, humans can’t really contend with the cuteness of animals. It just doesn’t work. We don’t have the huggy softness of pandas. We don’t have sad, round, kitten eyes. We don’t employ a tiny frolic like the baby pudu deer. We don’t have wet, little, puppy noses.

Few people have a shot against a cute animal. And I will argue that when it comes down to it, we’ve really only got one secret weapon against our animal kingdom pals: the Asian baby.

My GOD, our babies are so damn cute that their cuteness could melt glaciers.”

SOURCE:, July 9 2009


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