BeautyBlog: Shiseido’s Future Solution LX 

I was catching up on my Marie Claire the other day and read an article called “Extreme Beauty Report:Japan.” Now I have always been fascinated by how Asian women have the most luminous, amazing skin, EVER. There was a section in the article which spoke about the difference between the American and Japanese beauty philosophies which I found interesting.

“The Japanese approach to skincare is the opposite of American antiaging, where we try to peel our way back to the past. “We think our skin is very delicate,” says MC’s Moriyama. Here, stripping toner is replaced with a “softener.” “Removing too much of the top layer of the skin gets rid of all its protective-barrier functions, including the inhibition of water loss,” explains Dr. Chita Katagiri, a research scientist for Shiseido. The Japanese beauty giant’s latest skincare line, Future Solution LX, has an Extra Rich Cleansing Foam, Concentrated Balancing Softener, and Total Regenerating Cream, all designed to keep the skin’s surface in peak condition. According to Katagiri, a healthy outer layer prevents problems like dryness, environmental damage, inflammation, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. To maintain perfection, Japanese women religiously wear sunscreen and foundation every day. Smudge-, sweat-, and humidity-proof, the formulas here are heavy duty, but the payoff is flawlessness.”

“White skin symbolizes purity and innocence — if there’s a brown spot, it’s dirty,” says journalist Mayumi Kurata.

Source: by Ning Chao, Marie Claire, September 2009

After much research, I found this on regarding Shiseido’s new product…And let me tell you, I want to get my little Filipina hands on a jar of this baby. While my skin is not terrible, it can be better. Maybe there is a way I can convince Shiseido to send me a sample?

As reported by WWD, Japanese beauty brand, Shiseido, will introduce a new skin care line, Future Solution LX, this fall. The line, which is part of Shiseido’s global branding push, features Skingenecel, an amino acid derivative that, the company’s researchers purport, significantly suppresses the skin’s production of the protein Serpin B3, a byproduct of UV exposure, thus making skin more resistant to the signs of aging.

Based on Shiseido’s Japanese heritage, the line is delicately scented with notes of cherry blossoms, plum flowers and the Hamanasu rose, while its ingredients include Asian plant extracts – such as Uji green tea, star fruit, okra, Angelica Root and Sophora Root. Even the face cream jars, in keeping with the theme, resemble pearlized rice bowls.

The new Future Solution LX, which includes four products – a cleansing foam, concentrated balancing softener, daytime cream with SPF 15, and regenerating night cream – will be Shiseido’s most expensive skin care line yet.

Extra Rich Cleansing Foam, $60; Concentrated Balancing Softener, $100; Daytime Protective Cream with SPF 15, $240; Total Regenerating Cream for night time, $260; all at”, by Alexis Wolfer, 4/10/10


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