PinoyBlog: Toni Launches First Album Magazine

I am more of an old school Sharon Cuneta loving girl… but I have seen Toni in a few films and can honestly say that I have enjoyed her performances. She seems super down to earth too. Glad to see that she is doing well in her career.

Posted at Tuesday, 8/03/2010
Partly translated by LePierce at

MANILA, Philippines – After joining the country’s longest-running weekend entertainment show “The Buzz,” actress-host Toni Gonzaga set another first with her latest achievement in the music recording industry.

Dubbed as Ultimate Multi-Media Star, Gonzaga launched the first ever album magazine titled “All Me” under Star Records.

“This is my newest album under Star Records. It’s ‘All Me’. This is all me because all the songs are original. I’m really excited about this fifth album because the songs are great and it’s two-discs,” Gonzaga said.

She added that her newest album is quite different from her previous ones because aside from the album’s diverse Asian touch, it also exposes her to a different kind of sound.

“It got a different sounds, there’s an Asian-sounding. The carrier single is upbeat which is different from my past albums. Listeners can dance to it but there are still those romantic ballads which they loved from me,” Gonzaga said.

The album also comes with a magazine which carries articles about Gonzaga.

“I am happy with this album because apart from I am hands-on, Star Records really supported me.” the actress-host explained.

The two-disc album is composed of 13 cuts. Among the songs included are: “All Me”, “Can’t Help Myself”, “Only With You”, “Say You Love Me”, “I Love You So”, “Love Me”, “It Had To Be You”, “No Greater Love”, “You Make Me Feel” and “Come Back To Me.”

There are also three bonus tracks and a separate disc that contains five music videos which were all directed by Paul Soriano. The album’s carrier single, “All Me,” is now enjoying good airplay in various radio stations and is currently in the ninth spot in the MYX Pinoy Music Countdown.

Currently, the album is also in the top charts of Astroplus/AstroVision and Odyssey outlets nationwide.

“All Me” the album is also available in other Asian territories like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Gonzaga has long proven that she is indeed the rightful Ultimate Multi-Media Star. With her wide range of talents—from acting to hosting, from dancing to singing, no doubt, this new undertaking will redefine her moniker.

To promote her album, Gonzaga will also be doing shows abroad. On August 2 to 17, Gonzaga will be in the US for a series of shows.


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