BeautyBlog: Heeluxe: Sacrifice Foot Pain, Not Fashion

Posted by MelissaP on 07/30 5:02pm

Don’t you hate it when you have this gorgeous pair of heels that make you feel sexy and confident, but you can hardly ever wear them because they kill your feet? And don’t you hate how every time an actual doctor is quoted in a magazine about this problem, all they ever have to say is, “Don’t wear high heels?” I mean, really! I think we can come up with a solution that’s a little more constructive, considering the fact that heels don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Behold, shoe lovers, I bring you tidings of great joy: The Heeluxe Talus Heelbeds, designed to make even your most punishing stilettoes as comfortable and supportive as sneakers.

Confession: These were designed by Dr. Geoffrey Alan Gray, a Santa Barbara-based doctor…and a friend of mine from back in the day. So, yes, I was given a free pair of these; however, I would not be recommending them if they didn’t work. But the thing is, they do! I slipped them into a pair of high-heeled boots that I frequently wear while playing shows with my band. They usually start out feeling decent, but in a few hours my feet start to get sore, and by the end of the night I’m ready to cast off my boots and run barefoot down the street just for a little relief. After sticking the Heeluxe Talus Heelbeds in my boots, I was surprised. At first, they felt a little weird and foreign. (They really DO make heels feel like sneakers – it’s kind of bizarre.) I almost felt like I was wearing lifts in my shoes. But I couldn’t deny that they were comfortable, and by the end of the night I wasn’t begging for mercy the way I normally am. Mission accomplished!

The thing is, there is actual science behind these sophisticated inserts: Check out this interview with Dr. Gray for more information on why they work as well as they do, and then head over to the Heeluxe store to buy a pair for yourself. While these heelbeds are mainly intended for use in high heels, the company has a product lined up for launch in the spring that, according to Dr. Gray, “is going to make ballet flats feel incredibly comfortable.” As a ballet flat lover who is constantly perturbed by their utter lack of arch support, I’m thrilled at the prospect! Dr. Scholl’s, watch your back.

Let’s face it: high heels make women feel sexy. Women who feel sexy feel empowered. So anything that will keep us women in our fabulous stilettos without killing our feet is A-okay with me. Can’t wait to try it out!



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