BeautyBlog: TokiDoki Comes To Sephora 

tokidokiFans of adorable packaging, take note: Sephora is now carrying TokiDoki Cosmetics! What is TokiDoki, you ask? The line is the Japanese-inspired brainchild of Italian artist Simone Legno, and it features an array of colorful products in what is quite possibly the cutest little containers EVER. Here’s a glimpse of what they have to offer:

* Glitter-infused eyeliner
* Eyeshadow that comes housed in the brand’s trademark heart-and-crossbones compact
* Magic Marker-like lip stain
* Waterproof liquid liner with a chiseled tip that is said to make for more precise application
* Lipgloss – including shades like purple and green – with little snowglobes on top of the caps
* Colored mascara

Prices fall into the $14-$42 range, with most of the cosmetics coming in at under $20. What do you think of TokiDoki?



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