So after being cancelled today, I wanted to really start watching “Last Scandal.” ALAS, I had good intentions, but I ended up chatting with my girl Jessica for a couple of hours, got distracted by blogs about Americans in Korea, a three hour beauty nap, and then pictures of my Woo Sung oppa. Since then I have been alternating between reading some fashion reviews, browsing recipes and looking for my next drama to watch. Also, I am fighting the urge to revisit “Personal Taste,” “City Hall,” and “A Moment to Remember”. I really actually want to re-watch “Chungking Express” just to see Tony Leung’s adorableness one more time. Ahhh the story of my life. I feel like I have some ADHD when it comes to finishing anything. I just get so bored so quickly, and I don’t quite know how to muster up enough enthusiasm to cross the finish line.

    Chungking Express stills… my favorite love story in the movie!

train☺Hey Soul Sister.mp3


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